Our Pre-schooler Education and Care Program

Our Warriewood child care centre caters for pre-schoolers aged 33 Months to 5 Years.

Both our preschool room and the upper playground are set up with Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence, in mind where there are eight learning style areas with each area focused on one of the learning styles.   The main objective is to encourage enjoyable and engaging environments that will assist in the children’s social and emotional development and autonomy.

mi kids embraces the different learning styles of each child through the physical environment and through our daily programs, expressing learning opportunities in multiple ways through music, bodily kinesthetics, mathematics, visual, verbal, nature and group experiences. More information about our curriculum  »

At pre-schooler program at a glance…

Features of this program
  • School readiness program
  • Physical milestone development
  • Self-help Program
  • Art Program
  • Yoga Program
  • Multiple Intelligent programs
  • Mandarin Program.
  • STEM Projects
Room facilities
  • Custom designed learning areas
  • Low lying mirrors, sink and fridge so children can collect their morning tea or afternoon tea with educator assistance. Lots of prompting and facilitation
  • Preschoolers can access the art studio so children can create with the guidance of the art educator
  • Open areas in the room and outside for yoga instructor to do some yoga massages and stretches for babies
  • Rooms and outdoor areas set up to cater to different learning styles. Outside we have a music corner, nature corner, water hand pump for the sandpit.
  • Specialised educator teaching mandarin either inside or outside
  • Smart board to practice writing and enrich the program
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Plenty of books and reading time for inquisitive minds.

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Exploring with light and different objects.

Optimising time spent with educators

Our first and foremost priority is putting our children first and providing them with quality care.  To achieve this we believe in optimising the time educators have with each child through increasing the educator to child ratio in each room. Also for educators to be more present with each child we are restricting documentation for daily learning to be only a reflective journal for the day with meaningful photos. We strongly believe children will benefit more with educators being with them in the present moment and are tailoring our system to allow staff to concentrate on achieving this.

Settling in

We always put the child’s needs first and to ensure children settle in we have set consecutive day attendance, for a two-day session it can only be Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. For three days it can only be Monday- Wednesday or Wednesday- Friday.  These consecutive days will have the same children present in the class and the same teachers assisting in children settling with ease due to familiarity and minimal change.

Once your child is settled, you are more welcome to phone mi kids to check how they are settling into the program. We understand that you may need to call for reassurance at any time.

Ongoing support and involvement

Our early childhood teachers provide an ongoing record of children’s learning and development and families are encouraged to access this information.  After a month we will invite new families to have one on one session with the educator to discuss their observations and together with families set out short-term and long-term goals for their child’s growth and development.  Also in this meeting educators will discuss the learning styles that their child is strong in using Gardner’s theory. Throughout the year there will be progress reports on how their child is meeting the goals set and possibly resetting new goals and milestones. More information for families »

Our menu

All meals are made on the premises by Isara Crea our cook and co-owner. Tested on our own families to ensure that they are child-friendly and tasty for little mouths. Filled with hidden vegetables so to give parents/carers and guardians a peace of mind that their child has had a wholesome meal during the day.

Some meals will be prepared with the children’s assistance and some will be part of the Stephanie Alexander Garden to Kitchen program. All meals are vegetarian or pescetarian and using seasonal fruit and vegetables fresh from the markets rotating each season to provide and introduce a variety of meals to the children. View our current menu  »

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Free play and child-directed learning opportunities.

Want more information?

If you have a question or would like more information about our child care program and pre-school, call us on 9979 8559, send an email or complete our online enquiry form.

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Centre Information

mi kids is a family owned long-day early childhood school aiming for excellence in early childhood education and care.

We serve families in the Northern Beaches community and beyond.  Our educators provide a nurturing, happy and stimulating learning environment for children from six weeks old to when they start school. Our centre provides children and families quality care and education in a warm, welcoming, nurturing and enjoyable environment.  We celebrate all types of learners – ensuring each child feels valued and encouraged to develop to their full potential.

We offer and are committed to thoughtful and meaningful programs that are based on the diversity of learners in our school and work together with community groups and families to pursue excellence through collaborative and reflective teaching practices. Through a nurturing environment, we put children’s rights first and give each child a sense of belonging, being and becoming. Celebrating diversity, culturally and intellectually within the child, the family and the community.

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday : 7.00am to 6pm.
We operate 50 weeks of the year and closed on public holidays. The Centre shuts down for 2 weeks during the Christmas/ New Years Holiday so that educators can recharge their batteries and families don’t have to pay during the festive period and have more time with their children.


To maintain consistency and help settle our children, we have a consecutive day policy :

  • Minimum 2 consecutive days: Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday
  • 3 consecutive days: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • 5 days


137 Warriewood Road, Warriewood
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