Our Menu

vegetarian childcare centre northern beaches


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Tea Lemon cake with fruit vegetable sticks Oven roasted corn and fresh fruit Raspberry banana chia smoothies and vegetable sticks Kale and avocado dip with crackers and vegetable sticks Mango chai pudding and fruit kebabs
Lunch Beef noodle stir fry Tofu buddha bowl with rice Beef enchiladas Cauliflower tuna mac and cheese Lasagne with spinach
Afternoon Tea Cinnamon scrolls and fresh fruit Oven baked potato chips with homemade tomato sauce Yogurt with plum jam and vegetable sticks Cheesy garlic bread and fresh fruit Apple bites and vegetable sticks
Supper Sweet potato dip with crackers Carrot feta cheese muffins Bliss balls Apple oat cookies Zucchini sweet potato loaf

northern beaches childcare vegetarian menu


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Tea Yogurt with peach butter and vegetable sticks Vegan nacho cheese with corn chips and fresh fruit Peach straw smoothies and fresh fruit Strawberry muffins with warm milk and vegetable sticks Toast with homemade jam and vegetable sticks
Lunch Tuna salad wraps Roasted red pepper beef sauce with pipette rugate Con carne with potato mash Broccoli ramen noodle with tofu Shepherd’s pie with sweet potato topping
Afternoon Tea Tuna lettuce tomato pinwheel Yogurt with granola and vegetable sticks Potato pea samosa muffin and fresh fruit Hummus with cheese pizza and fresh fruit Tropical cupcakes and vegetable sticks
Supper Choc raspberry bliss balls Chocolate mce puffs Zucchinis cheese loaf Muesli slice Spinaches dip with crackers

northern beaches childcare with healthy menu


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Tea Yogurt with mango pulse and vegetable sticks Tropical muffins and vegetable sticks Rice crackers with cheese and fruit kebabs Coconut chia pubbing with fruit and vegetable sticks Carrot yoghurt dip with vegetable sticks
Lunch Stir fry rice with beef and vegetable Minced beef quiche Lemony zucchinis linguine Beef chow mien Baked penne with peas mushrooms leek
Afternoon Tea Cheesy toast and fruit kebabs Yogurt with peach stew and vegetable sticks Mango loaf bread with warm milk and vegetable sticks Pull apart garlic and cheese bread Rainbow rice paper wraps and fresh fruit
Supper Muesli cookies Bliss balls Sweet potato hummus with crackers Tuna muffins Coconut cinnamon bars

We also provide a basic breakfast comprised of cereal and toast for the early starters.

All meals are made on the premises by Isara Crea our cook and co-owner. Tested on our own families to ensure that they are child-friendly and tasty for little mouths. Filled with hidden vegetables so to give parents/carers and guardians a peace of mind that their child has had a wholesome meal during the day.

Some meals will be prepared with the children’s assistance and some will be part of the Stephanie Alexander Garden to Kitchen program. All meals have seasonal fruit and vegetables fresh from the markets rotating each season to provide and introduce a variety of meals to the children.